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Discover Your Romantic Type

Discover Your Romantic Type

Mar 14, 2024

Welcome to our playful quiz! At Zola Organics, we believe makeup is not just about beauty, but also about expressing your personality. Let’s find out what type of romantic you are based on your favorite eyeshadow colors!

How to Play:

Choose the eyeshadow color that appeals to you the most in each question. Your choices will reveal your romantic personality at the end of the quiz.

  1. What’s your go-to eyeshadow for a daytime date?
  2. Soft Pink
    B. Shimmering Gold
    C. Earthy Brown
    D. Bold Blue
  3. Pick an eyeshadow colorfor a dreamy sunset.
  4. Lavender
    B. Fiery Orange
    C. Deep Purple
    D. Ocean Teal
  5. Choose an eyeshadow color for a glamorous night out.
  6. Classic Silver
    B. Radiant Red
    C. Mysterious Black
    D. Glittery Green
  7. What’s your favorite eyeshadow for a cozy indoor date?
  8. Warm Beige
    B. Rosy Pink
    C. Smoky Grey
    D. Icy Blue
  9. Select an eyeshadow color for a romantic beach walk.
  10. Coral
     B. Sunny Yellow
     C. Sandy Taupe
     D. Sky Blue


– Mostly A’s: The Tender Romantic

  You’re all about soft, nurturing love. You cherish deep connections and gentle moments.

– Mostly B’s: The Passionate Romantic

  You embrace love with intensity and excitement. Your relationships are full of fire and energy.

– Mostly C’s: The Mysterious Romantic

  You’re intriguing and a bit elusive, making your love life full of depth and intrigue.

– Mostly D’s: The Adventurous Romantic

  You love to explore and try new things, bringing a sense of adventure to your relationships.

No matter your romantic type, Zola Organics has the perfect eyeshadow shades to express your unique love story. Embrace your romance and let your eyes do the talking!

Our organic eyeshadows in UAE are made with 75% certified organic ingredients, natural, vegan and cruelty-free.