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What makes Zola's lip gloss unique?

The unique features of Zola's lip gloss include high-quality natural elements such as shea butter and vitamin E that aim to moisturize and plump the lips. Additionally, the inclusion of 20% sunscreen sets this lip gloss apart, providing added protection from harmful UV rays. Moreover, the special color formula exclusive to SHEGLITTARY adds a distinctive touch, making the lip gloss stand out with its unique shades. The combination of these features makes Zola's lip gloss an exceptional choice for lip care and enhancement.

How can I choose the right lip kit for my skin tone?

Here's a simple way to choose glitter lip kits based on different skin tones:Fair Skin Tones:- Opt for light and iridescent glitter shades like soft pinks, silvers, or light golds.Medium Skin Tones:- Look for warm glitter shades such as rose gold, copper, or bronze.Dark Skin Tones:- Choose rich and deep glitter shades like burgundy, deep purples, or dark blues and greens.Hope that helps!

Can I find vegan options in your product range?

Yes, we have several vegan-friendly options in our collection to cater to customers with specific lifestyle preferences. Here are some of our vegan-friendly products:- Vegan Glitter Lip Kit: Our Glitter Lip Kit in shades such as "Pretty," "Queen," and "Starlight" are vegan-friendly, formulated without any animal-derived ingredients.- Vegan Lip Gloss: Our range of lip glosses, including the shades "Celestia" to "Sweet like hunny," and "Softy," are all vegan-friendly, providing a high-shine finish without compromising on ethical standards.- Vegan Shimmer Eyeliner: We also offer vegan-friendly shimmer eyeliners in shades like "Sapphire splash," Amethyst Aura," and "Emerald Essence" allowing you to add a touch of shimmer to your eye makeup without using animal-derived ingredients. We understand the importance of providing products that cater to specific lifestyle preferences, and we are committed to offering a range of vegan-friendly options to accommodate our diverse customer base. If you have any other questions or need assistance with finding specific vegan products, feel free to let us know.

Are your eyeshadow and eyeliner products cruelty-free?

Yes, all of our eyeshadow and eyeliner products are cruelty-free. We do not test on animals, and our products are developed using cruelty-free methods. Your beauty routine can be both ethical and glamorous.

How long does Glitter Lip kit stay on the lips?

The duration of wear for our Glitter Lip kit can last up to 24 hours with consistent shine. It is designed to withstand eating, drinking, and even kissing for prolonged attractiveness and a stunning appearance throughout the day. However, individual experiences may vary, and we recommend occasional touch-ups to ensure optimal results.

How long does the lip plumper last after application? And does applying more layers increase the plumping effect?

The lip plumper lasts for over 9 hours after applying. If you apply more layers, you'll get a bigger plumping effect.

Do you provide gifts in exchange for customers posting pictures of themselves wearing your products on social media and tagging Zola" ?

Yes, when you post a picture or video of yourself wearing one of our products and then tag us with a tag and hashtag Zola On your social media... We will contact you immediately and provide you with a personalized gift

Do you offer international shipping, and what is the return policy?

yes we have Standard Shipping takes 7 : 18 Days Express Shipping takes 3 :8 Days (Coming soon)You can review the shipping policy. We have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee Viewing our refund policy in detail is also available.